Rainbow bridge pets to heaven

What We Do

When you arrive at the end of your pet’s life, it can be a sad and unsettling time.   Whether your pet passes at home, requires in-home euthanasia, or passes in your veterinarian’s office, we can assist you with the next step.  It is often best for your loved one to remain home during the final stages, and it is tremendously helpful to let someone else make the phone calls and arrangements necessary for euthanasia.  Please give us a call and we can assist you right away.   If your pet has already passed, we will retrieve them promptly, and transport him or her to the crematory, and we will hand deliver your pet’s cremation remains.  We offer a selection of beautiful urns and other memorial keepsakes.

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Why Choose Us

We are a small, family-run company in North Pittsburgh and it is our mission to make the after-life care of your pet as graceful and seamless as possible.

We consider pets to be devoted members of the family, and treat them accordingly.  After spending many years in the pet resort industry (formerly owned and operated K9 Kingdom, Indoor Adventure Park for Dogs), we realized there was a major gap in the care for pets at the end of their lives.   We decided to step in and fill that need, offering a unique service which is available to you when you need us most, any time day or night.

You can trust us to treat your pet and your family with dignity, just as we would our own.