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We have caring staff available to assist you.  Simply call us to make arrangements. We strive to offer pick-up at various times throughout the day.  It is generally a good idea to place a towel, blanket, or other absorbent material under your pet when possible to protect your flooring from any bodily fluids which may be released. 

Please call any time.  If you should get our voicemail, please leave a message or text us at this number, as we do check messages 24/7.  

Our service rates include in-home pick-up, the choice between communal or individual cremation, and home delivery of remains with a Rainbow Bridge poem.  This includes a 25 mile radius from downtown Pittsburgh.  We service up to 100 mile radius and can provide those rates by phone or e-mail.

Weight Individual Common
0-25 lbs $350 $275
26-50 lbs $375 $300
51-75 lbs $400 $325
76-100 lbs $450 $375

The choice is ultimately yours. Each owner can choose individual or communal cremation.  Your pet will be taken care of as a respected individual and, if desired, the remains will be returned in a timely fashion.

Yes, we have a variety of high quality urns.  If you wish, we can even create attractive timeless jewelry pieces out of your pet’s ashes.  At the time of retrieval we will leave you with a flyer to review some options.  If you have personal requests, simply let us know and we can certainly help to make special arrangements.  

Click here to view our options.

We service all areas of Greater Pittsburgh.  Our base rate covers a 25 mile radius around Pittsburgh, but we are able to travel up to 100 miles should the need arise.  

Some families select cremation but choose not to keep the remains.  Simply let us know, and we’ll honor your wishes.  

A one-week turn-around time is typical, though sometimes it may be faster.

If you are planning euthanasia for your pet, whether it is at home or at your veterinarian’s office, simply let them know you would like to select Rainbow Bridge to handle the after-care.  We will gladly arrange for retrieval from the vet’s office, or we can be present with an in-home vet at the time of euthanasia.

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